Designs contributed by Rhona Baron, NWF Marketing.  Right:  United Produce Show, New Orleans, 2011;  Top, back of Crunch Pak booth, PMA, Atlanta, 2011;  MIddle, United Produce Show, New Product Display, 2011;  Bottom PMA, Atlanta, Front of Crunch Pak Booth, 2011  


How you display your products encourages purchasing and is critical in the customer's experience with your brand.  We advise unifying your look as much as possible.  The colors of your logo, your website, your shelving, signage and in-house packaging should ideally gel as a whole.  For a great example, consider Starbucks, where everything from the aroma to the names of drinks to the colors and textures, even the trained staff, create one cohesive “love your Starbucks coffee” stament.  Here are a few tips for setting your product off to an advantage:

1.  Allow for and direct traffic flow with design

2.  Create an obvious spot for purchasing items

3.  Don’t overwhelm your main message or a focal point by adding too much clutter.

4.  Provide good lighting

5.  Use the principles of art, like color, texture, imagery, music and more to create a feeling that fits your brand  

6.  Train your staff to reflect your image and values