Design of your packaging, from CD covers to food packaging, can significantly impact your product’s impression and sales. Some packaging has achieved iconic status including the Campbell's soup can, the hip, clean look of Apple, or The Beatles Abbey Road album.  

Whatever your aspiration, your packaging is building your brand. So, aside from the practical concerns (the package needs to protect the product, open in an appropriate way, fit on a shelf properly and be built within your budget) Northwest Fresh Marketing uses a 3 point design process. 

  1. Identify who you are selling to-your "target market" 
  2. Know what message your packaging will communicate. Identify what makes your product special and how you want to it come across: organic, trendy, fun?
  3. Make your packaging legible.  This is the most important rule in execution. 

Apple-tizers: Seasonal labels for healthy snack trays.
Dipperz: New release of a year-around line of healthy apple snacks in a series of flavors.

Both of these Crunch Pak products began as discussions and Rhona's sketches. They were brought to life by a team including Design By Klein.