Silvee is Rhona's alter ego when she performs on stage at the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival!  


Music has a profound effect on the way people feel, think and behave. Within the marketplace, music influences product preference, retail experience, rate of sales, even alcohol consumption. Northwest Fresh Marketing is expert at applying music to maximize your image.  Rhona Baron's portfolio includes: 

  • Musical Background:  Instruments Rhona plays: piano and rhythm guitar, primary instrument: voice.  

Singing/Voice:  Soprano lead in Mixed Company, a vocal a-cappella band. Clients: Various concerts, private parties, festivals.  Director of Music/Singers. Clients: Faith Lutheran, Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce.  Musical theater actress. Clients: Leavenworth Summer Theater, One Reel, Seattle. 

Songwriting:  Composing songs for educational activity Salmon Sing-Along for the award winning Wenatchee River Salmon Festival.  These songs represented "edutainment," a style of learning designed to educate as well as amuse.  Brand icon The Walt Disney Company used the term as early as 1948 to describe their "True Life Adventures" film series.

Clients:  US Fish and Wildlife Service, ELCA.   

Radio and Event Music Programmer:  Original radio music shows, production music, soundtracks for events.  Clients: Distinguished Young Women of America, Icicle Broadcasting, Cherry Creek Radio.