Examples of Northwest Fresh Marketing copy writing. 



While great marketing copy projects the quality of your brand, it  is unlike other forms of writing.  Marketing copy can defy rules you learned in English class, relying instead on more subtle persuasion, psychology, creativity and an understanding of your specific business and consumers. Outstanding copy grabs attention, often stimulating a call to action. Besides making your copy clear, we recommend you follow these guidelines:

  • Anticipate what your customer wants, what questions they may have, and write directly to them.
  • Use shorter sentences and keep it simple.  Your copy should sound closer to the way people speak to each other.    
  • Be specific by giving details that matter to the people who are interested in your brand.
  •  Most importantly, remember that your copy is your half of a  conversation you are having with your target market.  Read your copy out loud when you've got a good draft.  If it sounds personal and natural, it will naturally make a connection!