A PRINT MEDIA PLAN is a schedule of ad placements for the year that includes:

  • Publication name
  • Copy due and run dates
  • Name of Ad
  • Size of ad
  • Placement within publication
  • Cost
  • Contact person 


1. Determine which publications are read by your target audience

2. Order their online media kits.  The kits contain publication dates and editorial      content for given dates.  Place your ad in the issues that are running an editorial about your industry or product type.  The kit will also include  

pricing, production specs, and most likely the Business Publication Audit (BPA) which reports the circulation numbers and demographics.  

3. Decide on your format.  Is your ad a full page, a half-page magazine or a tiny box in the corner of a newspaper?  Make your decision based on your target reader and the amount of money you can afford to spend.  If you're talking to students, you will probably be better off with a poster in one high school that will cost less and will actually reach more of your market than a full-page ad in the biggest paper in town. 

4. Ad pricing is determined by ad size, frequency, placement (covers and certain pages are more expensive), and production factors like color.  Whatever you decide, remember the bigger the ad, the more expensive to produce and run.  But don't let that discourage you. You can do a lot with a small ad as long as it's strong, clear and well positioned. Or you can go big with a back cover in the perfect publication.