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Washington's Bavarian Village Gets Culinary

Posted by Rhona Baron on Friday, April 24, 2015,
The month of April in Leavenworth, Washington is a month of culinary adventure featuring our locally grown pears.  Did you know we ship more organic pears from the upper valley than any location globally.  The varieties here are delicious and fascinating.  Check out one of my clients sites for more info on everything pear.  And remember Check the neck for ripeness.
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Foodworx Culinary Summit Coming Soon

Posted by Rhona Baron on Monday, January 27, 2014,
I will be attending this fantastic food summit in Portland, Oregon, my home state, Feb 4th.  Foodworx is part of a movement to keep local restaurants, artisan foods and beverages (and the great growers and farmers that make them possible) alive and vibrant.

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Most Watched TED Video

Posted by Rhona Baron on Saturday, April 6, 2013,
I've watched this talk by Simon Sinek about four times.  Every watching challenges me to search for the core of who I am personally and in business.  In questioning myself, I learn new ways to help others develop the power of their brand and the core of their brand book.  

 This talk was recorded before Steve Jobs passed.  It appropriately uses Apple as a leading example of how great brands, and great people, lead.  Highly recommended.
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Edible City--the movie

Posted by Rhona Baron on Friday, February 22, 2013,
Reading my monthly northwest version of Sunset Magazine, I came across a page on films.  One of them was the just- released "Edible City,"  an open source film that brings the locally grown food movement, along with its political ramifications, into juicy focus.  Highly recommended for understanding the depth of what it can mean to grow, buy and eat locally!  CLICK HERE for trailer 
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How Super Markets Stack Up--And Who's on Top!

Posted by Rhona Baron on Thursday, February 14, 2013,
Interesting article from the Wall Street Journal.  If you're in wholesaling to or running grocery sales, read on...


 The supermarket business is tough enough without public-relations disasters like that suffered recently by Britain's Tesco PLC. TSCO.LN -0.99% Meat labeled as beef was found to contain horse meat, prompting customer outrage.

Had the same thing happened at Whole Foods Market Inc., WFM -9.88% one imagines it might have labeled it free-range "viande hachée de cheval" and charged a...

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It's Growing.... Locally Grown Food Is a 4.8 Billion Dollar Business

Posted by Rhona Baron on Tuesday, January 22, 2013,
click here for article

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Dilbert Creator on Creativity! from the WSJ, Oct. 2012

Posted by Rhona Baron on Saturday, October 20, 2012,
[BOREDOM]Scott Adams



We've won the war on boredom! If you have a smartphone in your pocket, a game console in the living room, a Kindle in your backpack and an iPad in the kitchen, you never need to suffer a minute without stimulation. Yay!

But wait—we might be in dangerous territory. Experts say our brains need boredom so we can process thoughts and be creative. I think they're right. I've noticed that my best ideas always bubble up when the outside world fails in its primary job of f...

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