Attendance at art museums is five times the attendance at major league sporting events every year. In addition, sixty percent of people learn best through sight.  From a marketing perspective, it pays to pay close attention to the way images influence consumer behavior.  Rhona Baron's portfolio includes:

  • Art Education  Bachelor of Arts, Painting and Drawing.  Ferrell Merit Scholar, Central Washington University.  Culminating Project: Picking Up the Pieces, An Artist's Journey Through Illness.  
  • Interpretive Art  Illustrating the importance of nature with large, full color signage at popular public sites like Nason Creek Campground, the Forest Discovery Trail at the summit of Blewitt Pass, WA and Buck Meadows.  Clients: US Department of Agriculture
  • Graphic Design/Illustration  Design including logos brochures, posters, print advertising and newsletter design.  Clients:  Crunch Pak, Gustav's Grills, Balance Point, many others.
  • Video   Using live footage, still shots, and movie formatting, Dancing With Birds: The Movie was created as a promotional documentary.  View at Environment for the Americas.  Non profit project. Clients: Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center. 

"Your book which relates your episode of illness, along with innovative artwork, would help many patients.  If it were available as a booklet, I would think it would be a popular and useful reference for many and helpful in our education classes."  

Dr. Gene Hunder, Rheumatology and Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic